Material Solutions for the

Aerospace Industry

Prince & Izant Company is a manufacturer and global supplier of brazing alloys and precious metals for the aerospace industry. We specialize in providing all brazing consumables, including Pre-Sintered Preforms (PSPs) and brazing alloys to AMS standards (gold-based, silver-based, nickel-based, and cobalt-based filler metals). Our engineering team partners with customers, providing braze support and recommendations for cost reductions and optimized throughput.

From high-temperature alloys used in turbine engines to electrically conductive materials used in avionics to platinum pins in turbine castings, our inventory is reliable and extensive. We are flexible in providing inventory and stocking options for all manufactured products ensuring fast lead times and offer long-term fixed or floating pricing for precious and non-precious metals.

Our products are manufactured at our AS9100 facilities in the USA and we are certified to and approved under ISO 9001:AS9100, Pratt & Whitney LCS Approved Supplier, GE S-1000, GE S-1005, GE Yellow Pages Supplier Code 70401,  MSRR, PWA, PWC, and are DDTC ITAR Registered and DFAR Compliant.

Aerospace Brazing Alloys

Need Engineering Support?

We provide industry-best support and solutions to our customers through braze applications support, PGM applications support, process optimization (COPQ reduction), and other efforts to support innovation and cost reduction. Our engineers' diverse specialties include metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, materials, and automation engineering to provide hands-on solutions to our customers.

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