Flux Integrated Products

Prince & Izant's flux-integrated products streamline your manufacturing process by combining alloy and flux applications into a single step. Products are available in rod, ring, washer, and custom preforms.


ChannelFluxTM is profiled wire with flux integrated into a channel allowing for flux and alloy application in a single step. ChannelFluxTM is available in aluminum and silver filler metals.

  • Improves quality of brazed assembly
  • Reduces steps in the brazing process (pre-braze fluxing and possibly post-braze cleaning)
  • Versatile alloy and flux combinations
  • Ring IDs as small as .160" and other preform shapes
  • No flux "spitting" like other flux cored preforms with induction brazing processes

Flux Cored

Available in silver and aluminum filler metals, our flux cored wire eliminates the need to apply flux manually and is typically used for hand-fed wire or wire-fed applications.

  • Precise delivery formulation
  • Eliminates flaking/chipping of flux as in flux coated options
  • Streamlines production by eliminating manual application
  • Minimizes or eliminates post-braze cleaning by delivering the optimal amount of flux
  • Reduces scrap

Flux Coated

  • Similar to flux cored products but with flux on the outside of the wire versus inside
  • Reduces overfluxing
  • Typically used when high deposition of alloy is needed
  • Only available in rod form

Flux Integrated Products

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