Engineering and technical support are critical to building a trustworthy and highly collaborative partnership with our customers. Through countless customer interactions and collaborations, Prince & Izant has built a reputation as trustworthy and reliable problem solvers. We provide industry-best support and solutions to our customers through braze applications support, process optimization (COPQ reduction), and other efforts to support innovation and cost reduction.

Our engineers' diverse specialties include metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, materials, and automation engineering to provide hands-on solutions to our customers.

Application Support 

  • Brazing filler metal selection
  • Braze joint recommendations
  • Braze cycle development
  • Braze yield optimization
  • Medical precious metal/high-purity precious metal selection
  • Mechanical testing (Tensile & Elongation, Hardness Tests, Melt Tests, Bend Tests, etc.) 

Continuous Improvement 

  • Value engineering projects to streamline customer's internal processes and optimize costs 
  • At customer request, we will audit processes and engineering pain points and propose alloys and new forms tailored to the need 
  • Exploration of alternate technologies to serve future needs

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