Materials Solutions for the

HVAC/R Industry

Prince & Izant has served the HVAC/R manufacturing industry for nearly 100 years. Our extensive inventory and unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce various preforms from silverphos (copperphos) and silver-based brazing alloys for HVAC/R applications (coils, return bends, etc.).

We stock products at various stages of the manufacturing process to provide quick lead times (days vs. weeks) to our customers, often shipping same-day. Available forms include wire, rod, rings, unique preforms, strip, and strip preforms (stamped or laser cut).

Our engineers and technical experts continue to develop and improve upon innovative solutions to streamline customer manufacturing processes. Our flux-integrated products, including our patented ChannelFlux®, combine alloy and flux applications into a single step while improving the quality of the brazed assembly.

HVAC/R Brazing Alloys

Brazing Fluxes

Because different metals produce different oxides, P&I has developed several flux formulations to handle these variations. Specialized fluxes are available for both low- and high-temperature brazing of silver, aluminum, nickel-silver, and bronze.

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Need Engineering Support?

We provide industry-best support and solutions to our customers through braze applications support, PGM applications support, process optimization (COPQ reduction), and other efforts to support innovation and cost reduction. Our engineers' diverse specialties include metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, materials, and automation engineering to provide hands-on solutions to our customers.

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