Pre Sintered Preforms

The high-temperature environment in which turbine engines operate causes extensive erosion, corrosion, oxidation, and cracking of aero-engine, industrial, and aero-derivative components, specifically turbine blades/buckets, vanes/nozzles, and combustion chambers.

Ideal for high-temperature applications in aero-engine MRO, Pre Sintered Preforms (PSPs) were designed to extend the life of aero-engine components, reducing the high costs associated with purchasing replacement engine parts by providing an economical, effective, and reliable solution for wear parts.

Pre Sintered Preforms (PSP) are sintered powder metallurgy products composed of a uniform base metal powder and braze filler metal powder blend used to braze gas turbine engine components in new manufacture and repair. The brazed components must have good creep strength along with oxidation, corrosion, and erosion resistance. 

Base metal and braze filler metal powders are sintered to form a solid sheet or plate during the manufacturing process, which can later be cut to specific geometries for precise placement before vacuum brazing.


  • The porosity of PSP products is less than 1%, helping to eliminate shrinkage and minimize post-braze grinding and machining that traditional brazing products experience and require
  • Depending on chemistry (i.e. ratio of superalloy to base metal), PSPs can have mechanical properties equal to or better than the base component being repaired
  • Reliably utilized for decades in aviation/flight industry

Pre Sintered Preforms

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