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Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing technologies and capabilities are constantly expanding to meet our customers' application requirements. Our in-house tool and die shop and various shop equipments are capable of manufacturing both brazing alloys and precious metals in wire, strop (ribbon or foil), and powder and paste forms.

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Engineering Support

P&I's engineering and technical support teams are dedicated to providing our customers with the support that they require. We are committed to creating value for and advancing the success of our customers.

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Financial Management

We developed a financial program aimed at reducing the risks associated with volatile metal markets for our customers. Our MarketLocTM guarantee is designed to provide consistency in purchase orders and invoices.

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Precious Metal Recovery

We help our customers recover the value of scrap and unusable inventory by working with refiners who maximize the yield. Our streamlined program is quick and efficient and provides customers with optimal working capital levels to meet every volume need.

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