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Automotive Industry

Prince & Izant's automotive manufacturing customers trust the quality of our comprehensive brazing product inventory and innovative custom solutions for their application needs. We manufacture copper, silver, and aluminum brazing alloys that are available in various compositions and forms, such as brazing paste, brazing rings, brazing preforms, and our patented ChannelFlux product line.

Our copper brazing pastes (CuPASTETM), most used in the automotive manufacturing industry, are suitable for joining most ferrous and non-ferrous metal components by furnace brazing. Our copper paste product line is available in high purity copper, copper-nickel, and copper iron for wide gap brazing and copper-copper oxide. We have developed various vehicles to meet both high and low dew point furnace atmospheres as required.

Along with our dedication to product quality, we remain committed to adding value and providing innovative solutions that help our customers uniquely differentiate themselves within their value chain. We consistently innovate and invest in people and equipment to better serve our customers.

Automotive Brazing Alloys

Brazing Flux

Because different metals produce different oxides, P&I has developed several flux formulations to handle these variations. Specialized fluxes are available for both low- and high-temperature brazing of silver, aluminum, nickel-silver, and bronze.

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Need Engineering Support?

We provide industry-best support and solutions to our customers through braze applications support, PGM applications support, process optimization (COPQ reduction), and other efforts to support innovation and cost reduction. Our engineers' diverse specialties include metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, materials, and automation engineering to provide hands-on solutions to our customers.

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