AL 718

AWS: BAlSi-4

AL 718 is a general purpose filler metal for joining aluminum and aluminum alloys. Solution temperature during heat treating must be below the solidus of the braze alloy in order to ensure integrity of the joint is maintained.

Available Forms

Wire, strip, engineered preforms, specialty preforms per customer specification, powder and paste.


AL 718 has a low melting point and narrow melt range which makes it suitable for brazing aluminum alloys. In addition, the increased silicon content compared to other aluminum filler metals provides increased fluidity as well as reduced shrinkage. The use of AL 718 also significantly reduces hot cracking during the brazing process.


The properties of a brazed joint are dependent upon numerous factors including base metal properties, joint design, metallurgical interaction between the base metal and the filler metal. Joint clearances of 0.003-0.005” (0.076-0.127 mm) per side ideal for achieving the highest joint strength in aluminum brazed assemblies. Base Alloy 2014-T6 6061-T4 6061-T6 6063-T4 Tensile Strength (KSI) 2014-T6: 34 6061-T4: 27 6061-T6: 27 6063-T4: 20 Yield Strength (KSI) 2014-T6: 28 6061-T4: 18 6061-T6: 18 6063-T4: 10 Elongation (%) 2014-T6: 4 6061-T4: 8 6061-T6: 8 6063-T4: 12


American Welding Society (AWS)



1070 F / 577 C


1080 F / 582 C


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AL 718 AWS: BAlSi-4

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