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We maintain the most extensive inventory of brazing alloys and high-purity precious metals to reduce lead times. Our technical support team is readily available for material selection, design, and application assistance.

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We work closely with our customers to provide guidance, support, and solutions for their braze and high purity precious metal applications. Review our technical documents, SDS sheets, and case studies or submit a request for technical support.

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Our brazing and soldering alloys are available in a variety of forms for quick shipping and our technical support team is readily available for any assistance that your application requires.

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Prince & Izant's manufacturing technologies and capabilities are constantly growing to meet the advancing demands of our customers' applications. We will continue to invest in the equipment, talent, and other resources necessary to provide our customers with a world-class experience.

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Engineering and technical support are critical to building a trustworthy and highly collaborative partnership with our customers. Through countless customer interactions and collaborations, Prince & Izant has built a reputation as trustworthy and reliable problem solvers.

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Market Lock

Precious Metal Management

Buying with confidence in today's metal market environment requires a proactive business strategy for precious metal consumers. Prince & Izant offers a unique pricing program to counteract the impact of constant precious metal economic fluctuation.

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Precious Metal Recovery

Our streamlined Precious Metal Recovery program allows us to work quickly and efficiently on customer-specific scrap and provide optimal working capital levels to meet every volume need.

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Brazing Consultations

Our team of experts can help you solve braze challenges, optimize processes, reduce costs, and provide hands-on learning. We have diverse experience that allows us to provide expert advice and recommendations.

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Brazing Seminars

Prince & Izant is committed to providing the best in brazing support and education. In August of 2023, Prince & Izant demonstrated that commitment by acquiring Kay & Associates, the worldwide leader in brazing seminars. These 3-day regional production brazing seminars provide intensive training in all forms and brazing methods for base materials ranging from aluminum to titanium to ceramics.

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Customer experience is a central focus of our sales process. Our sales and sales support team responds to customer requests and inquiries within 24 hours.

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