Material Solutions for the

Cutting Tools Industry

P&I understands the importance of corrosion and oxidation resistance and joint strength in the demanding applications of the cutting tool and oil & gas manufacturing industries. Our team is well-versed in the rigorous service conditions demanded by these applications and can offer expert recommendations on the highest-performing brazing alloy for your application that provides excellent joint integrity to extend product lifetime.

Common applications for our brazing products include tungsten carbide tipped tools, where the braze alloy is used to attach the tungsten carbide tip to the steel tool body to increase rigidity and sharpness, and down-hole cutting and drilling bits, specifically in polycrystalline compact diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) applications.

Cutting Tool Brazing Alloys

Brazing Flux

Because different metals produce different oxides, P&I has developed several flux formulations to handle these variations. Specialized fluxes are available for both low- and high-temperature brazing of silver, aluminum, nickel-silver, and bronze.

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Need Engineering Support?

We provide industry-best support and solutions to our customers through braze applications support, PGM applications support, process optimization (COPQ reduction), and other efforts to support innovation and cost reduction. Our engineers' diverse specialties include metallurgical, mechanical, chemical, materials, and automation engineering to provide hands-on solutions to our customers.

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