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Trimetal brazing alloys can be considered to be both alloys as well as a form of brazing alloy. Trimetal is a three-layer design with two outer strips of brazing filler metal clad onto a copper core (1-2-1 ratio). Copper withstands high temperatures, resists corrosion, and offers high electrical and thermal conductivity.  The outer alloy layer consists of a combination of common filler metals such as:

  • Silver -the standard for nonferrous and ferrous applications, providing versatility, high strength and low melting points
  • Nickel and Manganese - which aid carbide wetting and strengthen the bond
  • Cadmium*- affording higher mechanical strength and a harder, more wear-resistant joint; can also be used at lower working temperatures
  • Zinc - used in galvanizing and corrosion protection

Trimetal alloys are excellent for applications that require a filler metal to handle high stress and impact, like in the joining of carbide and steel for tooling tips.

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