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BVAg-8 Technical Data


BVAg-8 is is designed for all types of moderate temperature vacuum systems and particularly where maximum precautions must be taken to insure the presence of only a minimum amount of detrimental volatile impurities.

Brazing Characteristics

BVAg-8 is the silver-copper eutectic composition and in melting it acts like a metallic element, for example it melts completely at a single temperature, thus it will quickly flow into long narrow joints. On either silver base of copper base alloys, BVAg-8 exhibits a decreased fluidity and an increased re-melt temperature due to the solution of either silver or copper in the eutectic. Brazing time and temperature should be minimized to prevent excessive diffusion and erosion of the base metal. This filler metal has limited wetting ability on iron and/on nickel base alloys. The wetting ability it does have is derived from its copper content. Both iron and nickel have practically no solubility in silver, while nickel is readily soluble in copper and the solubility of iron in copper is sufficient to provide wetting. It is an observed fact that the wetting obtained in good hydrogen atmospheres is superior to that derived from flux protection.

Properties of Brazed Joints

The properties of a brazed joint are dependent upon numerous factors including base metal properties, joint design, metallurgical interaction between the base metal and the filler metal.


BVAg-8 conforms to American Welding Society (AWS) A5.8/A5.8M BVAg-8 Grade 1

Available Forms

Wire, strip, engineered preforms, specialty preforms per customer specification, powder and paste.

Compare With

  • AWS: BVAg-8
  • Lucas: Silvaloy 721
  • UNS: P07727


  • Brazing Temperature Range High: 1535 F / 835 C
  • Brazing Temperature Range Low: 1435 F / 779 C
  • Liquidus: 1435 F / 779 C
  • Solidus: 1435 F / 779 C



  • Ag: 72%
  • Cu: 28%

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