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Medical Precious Metals

Implantable and minimally invasive device applications require materials that, at a minimum, possess structural integrity and biocompatibility. As engineers push the limits of device functionality, PI Medical strives to stay ahead of the curve to provide materials with secondary characteristics that go beyond mere biocompatibility.

Precious metals have several desirable properties that make them suitable for use in a wide range of medical related applications.  These properties include, but are not limited to: biocompatibility, electrical conductivity, mechanical durability, corrosion resistance, and radiopacity. 

The manufacturability and diverse processing capabilities of precious metals allow them to be formed into an array of different geometries and sizes for use in medical devices.  Several application areas that utilize precious metals include stents, catheter ablation, angioplasty, endovascular embolization, pacemakers, defibrillators, and hearing devices such as the cochlear implant. 

Medical Precious Metals

PI Medical, Prince & Izant’s medical division, manufactures and supplies medical precious metals in a variety of forms for unique medical device manufacturing applications. Medical precious metal forms available with PI Medical include, but are not limited to, fine and ultra-fine wire, radiopaque marker bands and ring electrodes, rod, strip/ribbon/foil and micro machined components. We have the capabilities to support customized solutions to meet needs of our customers. Contact us to request a quote on a custom part.

 Product Name  
Pt99.99 Submit RFQ
Pt99.95 Submit RFQ
Pt92/W8 Submit RFQ
Pt95/Ir5 Submit RFQ
Pt90/Ir10 Submit RFQ
Pt85/Ir15 Submit RFQ
Pt80/Ir20 Submit RFQ
Pt75/Ir25 Submit RFQ
Pt70/Ir30 Submit RFQ
Au99.999 Submit RFQ
Au99.99 Submit RFQ
Au99.95 Submit RFQ
Au99.90 Submit RFQ

Studies have found that precious metals and their alloys possess chemical, physical, and mechanical properties that make the material uniquely suitable for a variety of medical applications where biocompatibility may be required. Prince & Izant Medical regularly supplies materials in a variety of forms to manufacturers of implantable medical devices. As with all applications, the device  manufacturer alone can determine which products are most suitable for their particular medical device. Prince & Izant Medical is equipped to provide additional testing services if requested (additional fees may apply).

The information contained in this statement is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as offering any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Medical Brazing Alloys (MedBrazeTM)

For many of the same benefits mentioned above, precious metal-based alloys are also utilized for the brazing of medical applications.  Artificial pacemakers and other devices for cardiac rhythm management often utilize pure gold for brazing of platinum-iridium electronic leads.  The high conductivity, favorable wetting and relatively low melting range of gold and gold-based alloys make them a preferred filler metal for brazing a range of different precious metals.  Other medical products joined with precious metals include electrosurgical tools, orthopedics and medical imaging devices

 Product Name AWS AMS Solidus Liquidus Brazing Temperature  
Silver Braze 40Ni2 BAg-4   1220 1435 1485-1535 Submit RFQ
Silver Braze 50Ni2 BAg-24 4788 1220 1305 1355-1405 Submit RFQ
Gold Braze 2575   4784       Submit RFQ
Gold Braze 3565 BVAu-9   1810 1850 1900-1950 Submit RFQ
Gold Braze 8218 BAu-4   1740 1740 1790-1840 Submit RFQ
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