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Engineering Support

Engineering and technical support are critical components to building a trustworthy and highly collaborative partnership with our customers. Prince & Izant’s Engineering and Technical departments strive to provide the best support in the metal joining and medical device manufacturing industries.

Application Support

  • Brazing Filler Metal Selection
  • Braze Joint Design
  • Braze Cycle Development
  • Braze Yield Optimization
  • Medical Precious Metal Selection
  • Mechanical Testing (Tensile & Elongation, Hardness Tests, Melt Tests, Bend Tests, etc.)

Continuous Improvement

  • Value Engineering projects to streamline customer’s internal processes and optimize costs
  • At customer request, audit processes and engineering pain points and propose designs, alloys, and new forms tailored to the need

Research & Development

  • Product and Process Development
  • Product Customization
  • Exploration of Alternate Technologies to Serve Future Needs
  • Prove World’s Premier Braze Solutions

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