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Brazing Preforms

Brazing PreformsBrazing preforms are high quality, precision metal forms that are either manufactured from cut, formed, and cold headed wire, or stamped from brazing strip (ribbon, foil, or tape). Preforms are used for a variety of metal joining applications and have become a staple for many OEM manufacturers because of their ease of use, consistency, quality and productivity in metal joining applications. Our onsite precision machine and tooling shop allows us to manufacture preforms to any specification.

Benefits of Brazing Preforms

  • Elimination of costly hand feed operations
  • Accurate control of brazing alloy volume resulting in consistent and cost-effective joints
  • Access to automated brazing and soldering systems
  • Uniform wetting and smooth joint appearance

Preforms from Wire

  • Lap Rings
  • Multi-Turn Rings
  • Butt-End Rings
  • Segment or Arc Rings
  • O.D. Gap Rings
  • Edgewound
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