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Brazing Powder & Paste

Brazing Powder and Paste

Brazing alloys are manufactured in a variety of forms to suit the unique needs of a desired application. From these available forms, engineers aim to select the most cost-effective method for delivering the filler metal to the braze joint. Brazing pastes have become a popular, cost-effective solution because of their manufacturability and versatility, joining even the most complex geometries of base parts. 

Gold-Nickel and Gold-Nickel-Palladium Powders and Pastes for the Aerospace Industry

Copper Paste (CUPASTETM) Products for the Automotive Industry


Prince & Izant’s proprietary gas atomization powder process yields homogenous blends of high purity (vacuum grade) braze powders with the lowest oxygen content in the braze industry. The spherical morphology of Prince & Izant powders are classified to meet customer requirements and particle size ranges are available in 100-150 mesh (149-250 microns). Our powders are tested and validated using Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA), EDS, ICP, SEM, Microtrac, and Metallographic analysis.


Paste is made when the brazing filler metal powder is mixed with the binder to a predetermined ratio of weight by percent, often called “Metal Load.” Metal loads can vary based on the filler metal and desired viscosity of the paste. The most common metal loads range from 80/20 to 90/10 (80-90% brazing filler metal combined with 20-10% binder, by weight).


Prince & Izant manufactures binders that have been engineered for vacuum and controlled atmospheres. Our binders contain non-hazardous constituents, are clean burning, have a long shelf-life, are extrudable (dispensing), and printable (screen printing).

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