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Stamped Preforms

Prince & Izant manufactures stamped preforms fabricated from brazing alloy strip. Washers, shims and discs are often used in place of wire preforms when joint clearances or joint design prohibits the use of wire. Engineering support and customizable stamped preform designs are available to customers seeking cost effective product solutions for their specific application.

 Stamped Washer Preform Washers
Stamped brazing washers are typically dimensioned with OD and ID call outs. Prince & Izant's vast tooling inventory allows us to meet customer requirements quickly and cost efficiently.
 Stamped Shim Preform
Shims are used in complex joint configurations.
 Special Stamped Preform
Special preforms are custom designed to meet the unique requirements of customer applications. Prince & Izant has the capabilities in place to manufacture complex geometries.
Special Stamped Preform
Stamped Washer Segment with Hole Pattern Preform