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Soldering alloys are defined as filler metals that melt below 840F (450C) and are often used for lower temperature applications commonly found in the electronics and plumbing manufacturing industries. Prince & Izant offers both lead-free and lead-containing solders for customer specific use.

Sn99.99 Good strength and non-dulling Submit RFQ
Sn99.3/Cu.7 Low cost, good for simple applications and dissolves copper at higher temperatures Submit RFQ
Sn99 Good strength, non dulling Submit RFQ
Sn97/Cu3 Good for high temperature uses Submit RFQ
Sn95/Sb5 US plumbing industry standard, displays good resistance to thermal fatigue and has good shear strength Submit RFQ
Sn85/Zn15 Good corrosion resistance and tensile strength Submit RFQ
Sn77.2/In20/Ag2.8 Eutectic phase with melting point at 118C Submit RFQ
In52/Sn48 Low temperature soldering, sharp melting and good wettability Submit RFQ
Sn40/Cd33/Zn27 Lower melting soldering alloy Submit RFQ
In97/Ag3 Good wettability, low-temp malleability and good strength Submit RFQ
In90/Ag10 Good wettability and low temperature malleability Submit RFQ
Sn63/Pb37 Exceptional tinning, good wetting, low cost and great bonding Submit RFQ
Sn60/Pb40 Lower cost and good bonding properties Submit RFQ
Sn50/Pb50 Lower cost and good bonding properties Submit RFQ
Pb55/Sn45 Lower cost and good bonding properties Submit RFQ
Pb60/Sn40 Lower cost and good bonding properties Submit RFQ
Pb60/In40 Low gold-leaching and good thermal fatigue properties Submit RFQ
Bi49/In21/Pb18/Sn12 Slightly expands during cooling showing delayed shrinking Submit RFQ