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Orthodontic Brazing Alloys

Brazing Alloys used in Orthodontic Applications

Orthodontic braze wire and paste

Prince & Izant brazing alloys have been tested, analyzed and successfully applied in the brazing processes used in a variety of orthodontic assembly applications. Our inventory of orthodontic approved alloys are in accordance with industry standards in relationship to the strict controls of trace elements and exhibit excellent corrosion resistance while still maintaining the necessary bonding strength requirements desired by our customers. Common alloys for orthodontic and dental joining can be found in the list below.

Common Forms

Wire and paste are the most common forms for use in orthodontic and dental applications. Prince & Izant also offers flux to promote clean surfaces for strong bonds.

Common Applications

  • Joining Orthodontic Brackets and Pads
  • Straight Wire Brackets
  • Orthodontic Bands 
  • Buccal Tubes
Orthodontic braze wire and paste applications