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  • Filler Metal Identification Chart

Filler Metal Identification Chart

Base Metals

Al and Al Alloys

Mg and Mg Alloys Cu and Cu Alloys Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels Cast Iron Stainless Steel Ni and Ni Alloys Ti and Ti Alloys Be, Zr, V, and Alloys Reactive Metals W, Mo, Ta, Nb, and Alloys Refractory metals Tool Steels

 Al and Al alloys

 Mg and Mg alloys  X  BMg                  
 Cu and Cu alloys  X  X BAgm BAu, BCuP, BNi, RBCuZn                 
 Carbon and low-alloy steels  X  X  BAg, BAu, RBCuZn, BNi BAg, BAu, BCu, RBCuZn, BNi               
 Cast iron X  X  BAg, BAu, BCu, RBCuZn  BAg, BNi, RBCuZn BAg, BNi, RBCuZn             
 Stainless steel  BAl-Si  X  BAg, BNi, BAu  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi, RBCuZn  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi, RBCuZn  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi          
 Ni and Ni alloys  BAl-Si  X  BAg, BAu, RBCuZn, BNi  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi, RBCuZn   BAg,BCu, BNi, RBCuZn                     BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi         
 Ti and Ti alloys  BAl-Si  X  BAg  BAg  BAg BAg  BAg   BAg, BAl-Si*      
 Be, Zr, V, and alloys reactive metals  Y  X  BAg  BAg  BAg  BAg  BAg    
 W, Mo, Ta, Nb, and alloys refractory metals  X  X  BAg  BAg, BCu, BNi, BAu  BAg, BCu, BAu, BNi     BCu, BAg, BNi, BAu   
 Tool steels  X  BAg, BAu, BNi, RBCuZn  BAg, BNi, BAu, BCu, RBCuZn  BAg, BAu, RBCuZn, BNi, BCu BCu, BNi, BAg, BAu,RBCuZn  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi, RBCuZn  BCu, BAg, BNi, BAu  BAg, BAu, BCu, BNi, RBCuZn 


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