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Cutting and Mining Industry Alloys

Prince & Izant has supplied brazing products to the Cutting and Mining Tool industries since our inception. We support tooling manufacturers by offering a wide range of brazing alloys in forms that have stood the test of time as proven solutions for the industry.   

The Importance of Nickel and Manganese in the Cutting Tool Industry

Tungsten carbides with the addition of titanium or tantalum carbide are difficult to wet when compared to standard carbides. The use of brazing alloys that contain nickel and/or manganese provide an enhanced wetting of the carbide thus improving overall joint strength.


Trimetal shims and strip are three-layer forms consisting of two outer pieces of strip that have been clad onto a copper core. Trimetals are ideal in the manufacturing of cutting tools because the copper can withstand high temperatures and resists corrosion. Trimetals also overcome the differences in Coefficients of Thermal Expansion between carbides and steels making them ductile and durable. Common applications include carbide and diamond cutting blades, heavy duty blades found on bulldozers, earth graders, and snow plows.